5 Top-Selling Bracelets to Shop Online from Orosergio in Toronto

It is time to embellish your wrist with endless possibilities of forms, shapes, gold colors and colorful gemstones. You should get more fun following through beautiful designs, exceptional pieces to be worn alone or layered together for a more fashion-forward look, and colors complementing your skin time and melting with your unique personality.

When shopping for online bracelets in Toronto, please take a look at inspiring top-selling bracelet designs available at Orosergio. You will find something unique to your personality for sure. 

  1. Sakura Bracelet 

“Sakura” is the national flower of Japan which we call the “Cherry Blossom”. The Sakura Bracelet combines three round brilliant cut diamonds with a sandblast texture finish on the top. Handmade in Toronto, the bracelet has a length of 16cm with a loop of 15cm. This bracelet is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold variants. 

  1. Amore Bracelet 

Getting the love of your life makes you happy, blessed, grateful, hopeful and inspired. If you want to keep the romance alive in your life, you should shop for the Amore Gold Bracelet. It can be a perfect way of making your special someone feel romantic. It is a beautiful set with round brilliant cut diamonds and is handmade in Toronto. 

  1. Tennis Bracelet 

The Tennis Bracelet is named after the famous tennis player Chris Evert. The bracelet is a versatile jewelry piece with a connected row of diamonds encircling the wrist area that you can enjoy pulling together different outfits. It can make ideal wear for casual and luxury events. 

You can wear it alone or consider layering it with other bracelets. The Tennis Bracelet is a 14K gold setting set with 88 average SI-I quality, and F-G-H color round brilliant cut diamonds. It is available in white gold and yellow gold variants. 

  1. Under The Stars Bracelet 

Under The Stars Bracelet is a stunningly designed set with 16 round brilliant cut diamonds. The star-set diamonds will leave you amazed and give you a feeling of having the heavenly twinkling stars in the night sky. Under The Sky bracelet will inspire you by showing that you are not alone and that anything is possible. You can complement your look with a matching ring. The bracelet is handmade in Toronto and is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold colors. 

  1. Nido Bracelet 

The Nido Bracelet has a rolo chain soldered to the Nido which is another word for the nest. It is a micro-pave set with 7 round white brilliant cut diamonds and has a length of 17cm with a loop of 16cm. It is handmade in Toronto and is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold colors. 

Bottom Line –

Do you want more inspiring designs while shopping for online bracelets in Toronto? If yes, then you should check out top-selling beautiful bracelets available online at Orosergio. Find your favorite bracelet design that best compliments your personality and preferences.

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