Heritage Grandma's Ring

"It’s just a piece of jewelry”. Wrong – it’s a story. In a lot of cases, the charm of a jewelry doesn’t lie in the money that was put into it – but where it is coming from; and when coming from someone special, a simple piece of jewelry becomes extremely valuable and close to one’s heart. And I was lucky to have found Sergio custom redesign and have him help me with my Granny’s ring redesigning. I distinctly asked him to maintain the same heritage look whilst modernizing it so that I could wear it and look gorgeous every day, and so he complied.Granny and I are, indeed, amazed with the results and to be honest, we couldn’t have asked for more! Therefore, Sergio’s claims that customer satisfaction is our priority and I am writing this testimonial to stand witness to that. If there was a better way for me to show them my appreciation and trust in Sergio’s, I would. My aim was achieved when I realized that it is still my grandma's ring, but just taken up a notch by a more modern outlook that I can pass on to the next generation.The smile that the ring brought on granny’s face was worth all the hard work the guys at Sergio’s had put into the product and I look forward to seeing them again regarding any jewelry I have. I landed at Sergio’s after I realized that what sets them apart is their consistently superior quality and excellent customer service, and so, they are pleased to cater to everyone’s jewelry related needs in a relaxed, comfortable, family setting and really have one coming back for more! We would love to see you again!

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