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How To Take Care Of Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces

How To Take Care Of Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry is one of the most treasured forms of ornamentation and personal expression. Whether we are talking about a posh diamond necklace, gem-studded earrings, precious rings, bracelets, or even a simple charm, jewelry is the best accessory you can have when it comes to accessorizing your outfit and expressing your own style. 

If you love your jewelry, understanding how to take care of them can make a world difference in maintaining its beauty lifelong. Here, Orosergio Ltd. Studio – one of the best online jewelry stores in Toronto, has outlined 5 simple tips that’ll help you take great care of your cherished jewelry pieces and keep them sparkling for many years to come. 

Go for proper jewelry storage:

Steer clear of tossing your jewelry into a drawer or leave them on top of a dresser if you wish to avoid any scratches or damaged gems on your favourite pieces. It’s a good idea to keep jewelry in its original box or pouch, separated from other items.

Don’t sleep while wearing your jewelry:

Sleeping in your nice pieces is a definite no-no. Because by doing so, not just can you break a chain or bend a prong causing you to lose a stone, but earrings have even been notorious to end up in a person’s ear. It is usually safer both for you and your fine pieces if you spend the night apart. You can wear them again in the morning.

Always put your jewelry on last and take it off first:

You should put on your jewelry last and take it off first. This way, you’ll avoid any damage to your jewelry, and your clothes won’t catch on it. 

Avoid contamination:

Chemicals can easily cause damage or discoloration to precious metals such as gold or platinum. Even gems can suffer from everyday substances such as lotions, perfumes, hair mists, or other cosmetics that have heavy chemicals on them. You also want to keep your pieces away from water, cooking grease, and even natural skin oils if you hate discoloration & tarnishing. 

Get professional help:

For delicate gold and platinum pieces, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional jewelry cleaning service. Some jewelry pieces are just super delicate, and only a professional can restore their original glossy look. 

Precious jewelry needs to be inspected and cleaned by professionals at least once a year to ensure any scratches or discolorations acquired from daily wear can be eliminated before it is too late.

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