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Article: Things to Know About Buying Online Diamond Rings

Things to Know About Buying Online Diamond Rings

Gifting your loved one a diamond ring on a special occasion can enhance joy and celebrations. Do you want to buy a diamond ring for your loved one to make her feel special? How about online diamond rings? You may ask whether it is worth buying diamond rings online! When you rely on one of the best online jewelry stores in Toronto- Orosergio Ltd. Studio, it ensures you invest right. 



Here are a few things to make things convenient for you to find the best without settling for less!

Diamond Shape or Cut Matters

When finding the perfect diamond ring online, settle on the shape or cut. If you have personal preferences, it becomes easier to choose the right one. A well-cut and polished diamond emits a sparkle to mesmerize everyone. You may consider a few diamond cuts:

  • Princess
  • Pear
  • Round 
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Radiant
  • Oval

All diamond cuts are stunning and unique. Settle on the one that meets your or your loved one preferences. If you want to play safe, choosing the timeless round-cut diamond can be the best option. You can consider asking our experts at Orosergio for suggestions regarding the diamond cuts.

Consider Carat- Diamond Weight

Carat specifies the diamond weight. When buying diamonds online, consider cut and carat! It helps you make the best purchase of diamond rings. If poorly cut, a high-carat diamond can look small. At Orosergio, we ensure all the diamonds are perfect from cut to carat to help people buy only the best. When looking for cost-saving, you can consider 2.0 to 1.9-carat to get a drop with a lovely shine, beauty, and sparkle. 

Choose Setting Type

You can come across popular setting types for diamond rings.

Channel Setting:

Channel=styled setting embeds diamonds between the metal ridges to conceal from both sides. 

The channel-styled setting protects the diamonds and gives the wearer peace of mind about losing a diamond. 

The channel-styled setting gives the view of the top of the diamond. 

Prong Setting:

These setting features- six metal fingers- called prongs that grasp the diamond. It is a safer and more popular setting type for diamond rings. The prong setting flaunts the focal diamond and protects it from dislodging. 

Tension Setting:

The Tension-styled setting squeezes the diamond in between the band like a clamp. A diamond ring in a tension-style setting looks stylish. 

Bar Setting:

The bar setting is like a combination of prong and channel. It features a band of diamonds. 

The bar setting reflects contemporary fashion and provides security for the diamonds. 

Check the Band Size

A loose-fitted ring can fall or get lost. Consider your partner’s current ring to find a perfect-fit diamond ring online. It helps you find the correct ring size to buy the best diamond ring online! 

Buy the Best from a Reputable Online Jewelry Store! 

Whether a wedding, engagement, or special occasion, consider buying online diamond rings at Orosergio Ltd. Studio! We can help you get customized diamond rings online according to your preferences and budget. Contact us to get the best assistance for investing in diamond rings online!