Sergio did a custom wedding band and necklace for me using diamonds from family heirloom jewelry. He patiently went over design options with me, and created exactly what I wanted at reasonable cost. The necklace at first trial was not sitting properly due to design/gravity (the diamonds kept flipping backward). Sergio took the time to troubleshoot/re-engineer so I could keep the design I wanted and ensure it was to satisfaction. He even cleaned my engagement ring back to its full sparkle for the big day. I love these pieces. I look forward to wearing these on my wedding day and forevermore!

Michelle Webster

This place is fabulous! Sergio, you’re a people pleaser! Thanks for your attentive, wonderful service and beautiful rings.

Melanie McDaniel-Estridge

Very Professional! I went to Orosergio to have my engagement ring custom made and do not regret it one bit. Sergio produced a beautiful ring that I am happy to wear. I explaind exactly what I wanted, sent pictures via email, spoke on the phone and went in to their office for ring sizing and further discussion on ring design. Sergio was able to send digital pictures of what the ring will look like. The picture showed exactly what I had in mind with Sergio’s beautiful artistic flare. Once I was happy with the design, he offered to make a cast and try it on, but I was ready at that point for him to go ahead and make the ring. It would have been better to take my time and try on the cast just to confirm sizing as the ring was slightly too tight; however, he adjusting the ring size for free and now its perfect. I definitely will go back to Sergio’s for my wedding band!

Katarina Coraci

Sergio made my engagement ring and our wedding band and the experience could not have been more positive. Sergio worked with the vague details I provided and constructed something more beautiful than I could even imagine- everything was perfect!!! I really appreciated the time he took to understand what we wanted and really make something from the heart that was so US, beautiful and uniquely timeless! Thank you Sergio!!!!

Tamara Caplan

This was such an amazing experience I can’t recommend highly enough! I was looking to get a promise ring for my boyfriend engraved and out of all the places I researched this was by far the best. Any questions I had were answered right away and the whole process took only two days whereas so many jewelers take at least a week to get the engraving done. I will definitely be coming here again, perhaps even for an engagement ring as the custom designs are so gorgeous.

Claire Albush

Thank you Sergio for the beautiful new wedding rings made from our parents original gold bands. Not only was Sergio an absolute pleasure to communicate with but his passion for his craft is apparent. He was kind enough to show us around his work studio and reassure us that our sentimental gold would be treated as if it were his own. The turn around time took less then a week. Extremely professional, top notch craftsmenship. We will recommend him not only to friends but to anyone that wants to wear a work of art that comes from the heart!

Herta and Maciej


We got our rings done here and one word: AMAZING. We had a replica ​made of my original engagement ring, a matching wedding band, and my husband’s wedding band – all custom work. Turnaround time was wicked fast – less than 2 weeks! Sergio is very professional – he even took the time to research the picture we sent him for the groom’s ring, just to make sure he got it right. And he graciously put up with all my nervous emails. He takes a lot of pride in his work, and won’t present you with anything that is less than the best. Most importantly, he is very up front, straightforward, and honest – priceless when looking for someone to make your wedding jewelry. When he shipped our rings, he put each in his beautiful custom velvet ring box, then put each in the custom outer box, polished my original ring and put that into a cute little pouch, and then put everything in a gift bag, and then put that in a shipping envelope. Opening our rings was like Christmas morning! And then we literally stood and stared at them for a minute – it was unbelievable how beautiful they were! I am constantly being complemented on my wedding set! Even the appraiser was impressed with the quality of work. Another huge plus is that he works with a variety of metals, including Palladium, which not too many jewelers are able to work with. His prices are very reasonable, and although based in Toronto, he is able to do out of province orders (we live in Calgary). He works by appointment, so contact him and get to talking.​

Nicole and Sean


I walked into Oro Sergio not expecting much. The building they are located in is nondescript, the showroom doesn’t have much under the cases, and it doesn’t look like a place where you would go to get quality jewelry. Fate stepped in the moment I walked off the elevator. There are probably close to 20 jewelers at 27 Queen Street East, but I definitely got the right one.The custom wedding band they made me to fit my engagement ring was beautiful and I am so pleased with the results. The quality of the diamonds, the gold, and the craftsmanship is far superior than a larger chain like Peoples, and at a similar price point.To ease my concerns about leaving my engagement ring with them, and possibly having something mysterious happen to the diamond, Serg let me sit in his workshop with his two hilarious workers while they took the mould of my ring. Furthermore, the customer service and friendly attitude of everyone in the store makes it a pleasure to visit. I will definitely be back, and suggest that anyone considering custom jewelry (or just off -the-rack) pay a visit to the great folks at OroSergio.

Suzanna Chang


Wow Sergio, the ring is absolutely beautiful. Indeed a work of art, done with love, care and attention. Kathie will be very pleased.Thanks so much!

Ian Lambert


I was originally referred to Sergio by a friend of mine and had him design my wife’s engagement ring and he also did our wedding bands about a year later. After meeting and sitting down with him for the first time I immediately felt extremely comfortable. As a customer buying jewelry can be a stressful and financially daunting prospect. Most of us don’t know enough about what we are truly purchasing and there can be that fear factor of possibly getting taken to the cleaners when buying something big like a diamond ring. Let me tell you that Sergio did everything possible to put me at ease. He asked me a few questions about what I was looking for and what type of budget I was working with for the ring and the stone. He then showed me a few examples and gave me some suggestions on the band. He agreed to bring in about 3 different diamonds for the centre stone and once they arrived we sat down again examining each one carefully and he took the time to explain the various factors to consider when making the decision on which one to choose.


Stephan Gahr


I purchased 2 pieces of jewelry from Orosergio. The first was an engagement ring for my wife. The impeccable workmanship, time, and effort that went into crafting this ring was amazing. The owner takes his time with you to find out what you want, and does not rush the process. The custom work that you want done is not a problem for him to complete. The owner goes over the metal you want, the design, the stone and much more. Once you find this “gem” of a business, you’ll never go to a retailer again for jewelry. Thanks for the great experiences, and will be back for another piece one day soon!

John-David Etter

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