I was originally referred to Sergio by a friend of mine and had him design my wife’s engagement ring and he also did our wedding bands about a year later. After meeting and sitting down with him for the first time I immediately felt extremely comfortable. As a customer buying jewellery can be a stressful and financially daunting prospect. Most of us don’t know enough about what we are truly purchasing and there can be that fear factor of possibly getting taken to the cleaners when buying something big like a diamond ring. Let me tell you that Sergio did everything possible to put me at ease. He asked me a few questions about what I was looking for and what type of budget I was working with for the ring and the stone. He then showed me a few examples and gave me some suggestions on the band. He agreed to bring in about 3 different diamonds for the centre stone and once they arrived we sat down again examining each one carefully and he took the time to explain the various factors to consider when making the decision on which one to choose.

The best part of it all was the fact that he gave me the stones one at a time and asked me to describe the differences in cut, colour, and clarity, so while he knew which stone he would choose if he were in my shoes, he ultimately wanted me to see these same differences through the eyes of an expert and educated me thoroughly enough that I could make the best possible choice. Not many jewellers will give you this level of service and I feel very fortunate that Sergio took the time out and did this with me. Well my wife loved the proposal and the ring so much that we obviously had to go back to Sergio for our wedding bands. He came up with something that matched her engagement ring perfectly, so when she wears them both together they look absolutely stunning. My wedding band was also a very modern style and beautifully finished. I personally loved dealing with Sergio so much over the last 2 years that
I had him design a set of earrings to compliment her wedding jewellery this past Christmas and like everything else I/we have purchased from him, were blown away with the quality, craftsmanship and price as always. If you are looking for all of these things please contact Sergio. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!