4 Earring Styles Every Women Must Have In Her Arsenal

Did you know that there’re more than twenty different styles of earrings for women? Combine that with different shapes, sizes and twists, and the possibilities are simply infinite! Earrings don’t just have the power to bring together your whole outfit but they also have the ability to describe your face and compliment your best features. Which is why it is critical to have more than just one style of earrings in your wardrobe. Here we have shortlisted 4 earring styles every women must have in her arsenal. 


Relying upon the size you opt with, hoops can either keep it simple and sleek or provide all the drama you want. While this earring style can be paired with any sort of outfit, provided their lightweight design, they look wonderful when paired with your tops and casual jeans. Hoops are pretty easy to add into your daily lifestyle. If you want a bit extra, you can even opt with fun geometric shapes such as squares, triangles and even star-shaped hoops! 

Classic studs:

Most of the earrings trends have come & gone, but studs remain a constant. Whether it is small diamond studs, sophisticated pearl studs or modern geometric shapes – studs are ideal for everyday wear particularly when you wish to keep things minimal. 

Gemstone drops:

Gemstone drops are an excellent option when you wish to look glam but also keep it delicate. These are ideal for women who love to wear their hair tied up and they’ll add just the right amount of blind to your overall look. Moreover, gemstones add an intense dash of colour to your style and can be stunningly used to compliment your ensemble. 


Whether it is a night out with your friends, an extravagant date night or a wedding in the family - special events necessitate special earrings. Keep a pair of chandelier style earrings in your jewelry collection, and pair them with fancy dresses and evening gowns to look like a true fashionista. These vivid earrings are perfect on their own and you can skip on the necklace altogether – so no need to worry about the necklace style that’ll go best with your neckline! 

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