A Definitive Guide to Shopping Promise Rings in Toronto

Most couples involved in serious romantic relationships exchange promise rings. But what do these rings symbolize? What are the special occasions to give? There are so many questions that come into your mind when it comes to shopping for promise rings in Toronto. Please check out this post to learn more about these rings beforehand. 


What is a promise ring?

Promise rings are gaining popularity among couples living together without any immediate plans for marriage or any plan of getting married ever. These rings sign physically to the outside world that a couple is more than just dating and are in a committed relationship. These couples wear promise rings to showcase their personal commitment to the relationship that’s meaningful. 

More often, a promise ring is exchanged between partners involved in a serious romantic relationship. Typically, it symbolizes the fidelity and devotion of the giver to the relation. When a partner accepts this ring, it indicates that the recipient promises the same in return. These are typical meanings behind a promise ring. 

Every couple chooses what exactly they want to promise to each other and what their promise rings stand for. While promise rings can be worn like pre-engagement rings, most couples don’t see their promise rings as a step towards marriage. 

What does a promise ring symbolize?

A promise ring exactly symbolizes the uniqueness of a couple like their relationship. Though it’s a symbol of their personal commitment to a serious relationship, the couples decide the exact terms of the promise to be represented by the ring. They need to be discussed and agreed on together. Whatever the meaning, a promise ring symbolizes a beautiful and tangible way of showcasing love and commitment.

A promise ring can be worn on any finger. You can suspend it on a necklace. However, it’s worn on the left hand. If the couple gets engaged later, the ring should move to the right hand. 

How do you present a promise ring?

To present your promise ring, you don’t need to do any traditional elaborate planning like a formal proposal. In fact, you can present it on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, holidays, anniversary, romantic dinner, etc. 

Generally, while presenting an engagement ring, you need to plan the circumstances surrounding the proposal. But presenting a promise ring is less formal. It’s more about creating a special occasion to discuss your relationship. 

Promise rings are considered as a beautiful symbol of a couple’s commitment to their relationship. The exact terms of promise are highly personalized and differ from a couple to another. Whatever meaning the couple decides, a promise ring expresses mutual care, dedication and devotion in a beautiful way.


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