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While looking at the view, I realized that he was beside me with an opened box. Inside was a sparkling engagement ring. I was surprised! I didn’t expect a proposal anymore. Later he explained that, that was his exact intention...” Whether you are the giver or receiver, engagement rings symbolize our eternal love, fidelity and commitment to marriage to the one we love, but has it always been this way? Actually, it wasn’t until 1477 when the first well-documented proposal by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy that a diamond engagement ring was sighted. With many suitors in line to get the chance to propose to Mary, the archduke knew that he needed to do something special. He proposed with a ring set with thin flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of the letter M. The engagement ring has also been called as the “M ring,” M for Mary perhaps? Plus, some researchers have suggested that engagement rings go as far back as ancient times. In fact, in second century BC at Rome, it was customary for the woman to wear two different engagement rings. A plain gold band was worn when going out in public and an iron band to wear at home while doing chores around the house and so forth. Contrary to current popular designs, both engagement rings were simple and did not have any stones.

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Today, engagement rings can come in different styles, using different stones and materials. The photo above features different cuts of diamonds used for engagement rings. Diamonds are cut to interact with light in a way that gives them incredible brightness, fire, and sparkle. The round brilliant cut offers an excellent display of light performance. It's a classic that's always in fashion. While marquise shapes are stylish and non-traditional that has a slimming effect on the wearer's hand. They can compliment a long finger. Emerald cuts are associated with elegance. Their simplicity of design and bold, geometric symmetry emphasize diamond's transparency. Depending on your loved one’s personal style and personality, engagement rings can vastly vary from a traditional round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring to a trendy marquise cut engagement ring, or an extravagant oval cut engagement ring with a halo and diamonds around the entire band.

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Alternatively, unique engagement rings with a mesmerizing blue sapphire or a seductive ruby red are also gaining popularity. Prince William helped create this fashion resurgence when he proposed to now wife, Kate Middleton, with his mother’s stunning blue sapphire engagement ring. An admirable gesture to keep his mother’s memory alive as he embrace his future and new family! Below are a few examples of unique engagement rings with coloured gemstones instead of the traditional white diamonds. Ready to pop the question?

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