A Mother's Day Gift with Mom in Mind

Mother's Day Gift


Surrounded by toys scattered around your living room floor, a pile of folders on your desk is calling your name. Fortunately, you’ve successfully tucked the kids in their cozy beds for the night and managed to wash the dishes! Craving for a mere moment of solace you found yourself with your feet up sinking in the couch. Your eyes are slowly closing until you noticed something sparkling on the dinner table. It was the pair of beautiful earrings that you’ve been looking for the past couple of weeks! They had the diamonds from your grandmother’s jewelry that you’ve decided to reuse in the earrings to remember her by. Looking back, you were surprised that getting a pair of custom made earrings did not come with a hefty price tag. “I’ve had shoes cost more than that!” And the experience was quite thrilling too. Being involved in the process allowed you to tell the story of your personal style, a design that fit your busy lifestyle and unique personality. It doesn’t have to be a lavish vacation or another pair of expensive trendy shoes that will probably go out of style in a few months. It could be a little gem made for you with you in mind. A sparkling piece of jewelry reminding you every time you wear it to do a little something to take care of yourself. Jewelry is a great way to preserve our loved ones memories for generations to come. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our beloved mothers from the Orosergio Jewelry family to yours! Contact us for more info on how we can help you make your custom made Mother’s Day gift.

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