$959 CAD
In an alluring display of grace and craftsmanship, the Positano moon collection is a precious ode to femininity and charm. The captivating diamonds shine in a celebration of the golden crescent moon’s beauty. The Positano Moon collection is an eternal reminiscence of the hours we spent admiring the precious sky of Positano, a Cliffside village in southern Italy’s Amalfi coast. The pavé setting is embellished with 43 round hypnotizing diamonds. It is an eternal incarnation of the delightful stars, moon and lights of the village, shining through the dark night of Positano. Available in either white gold, rose gold or yellow gold set with total diamond weight 0.10ct round brilliant cut diamonds. It can be worn on different occasions, as its style is elegant and timeless. With the Positano moon’s charm and Orosergio’s signature delicate aesthetics, it grants its wearer with an unabashed feeling of femininity through the sensorial experience it delivers. We may customize this bracelet to your liking and set with the stones that you want. Call us to get this bracelet customized or if you have any questions.

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