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8 Tips To Match A Wedding Band To An Engagement Ring

8 Tips To Match A Wedding Band To An Engagement Ring

Matching a wedding band to an engagement ring can be a daunting task for many couples. After all, the wedding band is a symbol of your commitment to one another and a representation of your unique love story. 

It's essential to choose a wedding band that complements your engagement ring, reflects your personal style, and fits your budget. In this article, we'll provide you with some tips on how to match a wedding band to an engagement ring.

Consider the shape and setting of your engagement ring

The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding band is the shape and setting of your engagement ring. If your engagement ring has a solitaire diamond, you may want to opt for a simple, classic wedding band that complements its elegance.

On the other hand, if your engagement ring has a halo setting or intricate details, you may want to choose a wedding band with similar features to uphold overall cohesive aesthetics for your bridal set.

Think about the metal type and colour

The metal of the wedding band is also essential to consider when matching it to your engagement ring. Ideally, you should choose a wedding band that is made of the same metal as your engagement ring. 

This will ensure that the two rings wear evenly over time and maintain their shine. However, if you want to mix metals, you can choose a wedding band with a two-tone design.

Choosing the precious metal types is also key, and 14K is definitely the minimum purity you want to go for.

Decide on the width

The width of your wedding band is also crucial when matching it to your engagement ring. If you have a delicate engagement ring, you may want to choose a thin wedding band that complements its daintiness. However, if your engagement ring has a bold, intricate design, you may want to opt for a wider shank like our Eleganza vintage milgrain wedding band to balance it out.

Are you going with similar or different diamond shapes?

You can match your wedding band with your engagement ring by choosing the same diamond shape for both rings. This will make them look coordinated. 

But if you want a more unique look, you can mix and match different diamond shapes. For example, you can pair a marquise-cut wedding band with a pear-cut solitaire ring

You can go for diamonds that are proportional in size on both rings, or try on different combinations to see what you like best and what feels right for you. 

Mixing and matching diamond shapes will give you a personalized wedding set that reflects your individual style!

Consider the shape of your fingers

The shape of your fingers can also influence the type of wedding band that complements your engagement ring. 

If you have long, slender fingers, you may want to choose a wedding band with a wider band or a more intricate design. For women with shorter fingers, a thinner band with an oval-cut diamond may be more flattering.

Have you considered stacking?

Stacked wedding bands have become a fashionable way to wear multiple wedding bands alongside your engagement ring. These bands are worn on either side of the engagement ring, creating a unique stacked effect. 

You can choose to use both bands as your wedding bands during the ceremony or use one as your wedding band and the other as an eternity ring for added sparkle and glamour.

The Aria Bridal Set — The Tiara Crown Wedding Band and 1.0 Aria Ct Pear-shaped Engagement Ring

Top - Galaxy's 9-Sister Contour Ring

Middle — The Galaxy Diamond Hexagon Solitaire Ring

Bottom — Galaxy's 5-Sister Chevron Wedding Band

What about the matching factor with the groom’s wedding band?

Choosing matching wedding bands with your husband-to-be is a great way to symbolize your unique union together. The design of your wedding bands can reflect your personality and your relationship. 

Consider matching metal colour, texture and similarities in the overall design aspect or choose complementary designs that feature identical motifs, initial engravings, a special message etched inside the shank or the same gemstones used for both him and her. 

Matching wedding bands can be a beautiful and sentimental reminder of your love and commitment to each other and a symbol of your shared journey as a unique couple.

Don't forget about your personal style

Ultimately, your wedding band should reflect your personal style and taste. If you're a fan of vintage jewelry, you may want to opt for a wedding band with antique details. 

If you prefer modern, minimalist designs, a simple wedding band may be more your style. Remember, this is a ring you'll wear for the rest of your life, so choose something that you'll love for years to come.


At Orosergio, we understand the importance of finding the perfect wedding band to complement your engagement ring. 

That's why we offer bespoke bridal services to create custom wedding bands and engagement rings that fit your unique design aspirations and budget. 

Our team of experts will guide you through the process and ensure that you feel comfortable and welcomed during your private consultation at our downtown Toronto luxury studio. 

Plus, we can create a matching wedding band for him too! Trust us for unmatched quality and tailored service.


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