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Types Of Diamond Cuts: Brilliantly Staying In Shape

Types Of Diamond Cuts: Brilliantly Staying In Shape

types of diamond cuts

A rare and timeless beauty with incomparable brilliance, diamonds are unearthed after withstanding enormous pressure, heat, and chemicals. It is the most durable gemstone, resistant to scratching.

In fact, only a diamond can scratch a diamond! Diamonds are carefully cut in such a way to give them incredible brightness, fire, and sparkle. Depending on the cut or shape, diamonds interact with light differently.

Below is a list of different cuts of diamonds and how they may suit your personal style or envisioned custom jewelry design.


round brilliant cut diamond


The round brilliant cut offers an excellent display of light performance. It's a classic that's always in fashion. 


Triangular Diamond Cut ring


Trilliant diamonds also offer good light performance. They are usually used as side stones. However, they are a great alternative for round cut as well, as a center stone.


oval cut engagement ring


Ovals tend to look larger than rounds of the same weight. An oval's classic shape makes it popular with people seeking something just a little bit different from a round. Its outline closely resembles the round. The shape also adds a touch of elegance to simple designs.


Pear Shapes Diamond Cut Ring

Pear shapes look graceful and stylish. Perfect for unique engagement ring designs!


marquise cut diamond ring


Marquise shapes are stylish, nontraditional that has a slimming effect on the wearer's hand. They can complement a long finger.  These also look larger to the eye than round diamonds of equivalent weight.

princess cut engagement ring


Princess cuts are excellent alternatives to emerald cuts for people who like square or rectangular shapes, but want the look of a brilliant cut.  They're especially good for men's jewelry or channel settings.


Emerald cut engagement ring


 Emerald cuts are associated with elegance. Their simplicity of design and bold, geometric symmetry emphasize diamond's transparency.


cushion cut diamond ring


The cushion cut is a classic brilliant cut. It's generally either rectangular or square, with slightly curved sides and rounded corners.


Solitaire rings are engagement rings that offer a classic, timeless look that showcases high quality diamond, and allow a choice of diamond shapes to suit any taste.

From picking the best quality diamonds and materials, creating one-of-a-kind designs, to making the engagement ring itself, we are here for you every step of the way.


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