Custom Design Jewelry in Toronto

Run by Master Goldsmith Sergio Chamahyan, the Orosergio Ltd. Studio is all about providing exceptional quality service and exquisite pieces of jewellery to meet and exceed your highest standards. With more than 20 years of experience, Sergio combines talent with passion to produce one-of-a-kind jewellery to reflect the unique personality and style of each and every client.

 Designed with the uttermost care for details and meticulous approach towards perfection, Orosergio’s jewellery are only the finest quality pieces that will stay with you for the years to come. We at Orosergio work with only the best materials, including platinum, all karats of gold in every color possible, and genuine conflict-free diamonds and precious stones. In fact each and every one of our diamonds is acquired and certified according to the Kimberley Process, a government, civil and industry initiative aimed at stemming the trade in conflict diamonds.+


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We don't only sell the jewellery

We design and make it

Custom Design

We at Orosergio are passionate about creating unique and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that will meet and exceed your greatest expectations. We believe that your accessories need to reflect and express your personality and we will put our talent and years of experience in creating a perfect match!

Our custom-made jewellery is made from premium quality platinum, all karats of gold in every color available, and are encrusted with precious stones and genuine conflict-free diamonds. Stylish and luxurious, our pieces are absolutely unique and will be an exquisite addition to your style.

Repair and Redesign

Jewellery is so much more than a simple accessory – it’s a token of your past, a sentimental piece of memory that is a part of who you are. We know that sometimes jewellery can get broken or out of fashion and we are here to breathe new life into your old pieces!

Don’t sell your jewellery but instead redesign it into a timeless piece that will grow and stay with you throughout the years. We at Orosergio offer full repair and redesign services, ranging from retipping a broken claw to completely restoring a cherished family heirloom.