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A Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide: Story By Orosergio

A Christmas Jewellery Gift Guide: Story By Orosergio

‘Tis the season for sparkle, joy, and the perfect present wrapped in a bow. If you’re on the hunt for a Christmas jewellery gift that’ll light up their eyes brighter than the star on the tree, look no further than Orosergio’s dazzling collection. 

Dive into our guide featuring a curated selection of pieces that are sure to make this year’s Christmas simply unforgettable.

Mosaic Rings: A Pop Of Colour

Picture this: A mosaic of brilliance adorning your delicate fingers. Orosergio’s Mosaic Round and Baguette Diamond Bands, are more than just stackable rings; they’re miniature artifacts of sparkle. 

Available in three variants, from dark blue sapphires and pink sapphires with rubies to green emeralds and black diamonds - each shimmering stone tells a sophisticated story, making it the perfect choice for someone who loves a touch of timeless vintage elegance.

The beaded edges on the stone setting add an extra dimension to the design of these beautiful gemstone bands, making them a unique and stylish choice.

Vineyard Rings: Make Vintage-Style Statements

Transport yourself to a whimsical vineyard bathed in golden sunlight. Orosergio’s Vineyard Rings, features a peridot or pink tourmaline at the center, adorned with milgrain detailing across the curvy 14K gold shank and round diamond accents.

Cocktail gemstone rings are a perfect way to add a burst of glamour and personality to any ensemble. With their vibrant hues and bold designs, these rings are sure to captivate and make a statement.

Capture the very essence of romance and present her with an exquisitely unique gift guaranteed to bring an instant smile the moment she lays eyes on it. 

These gifts aren't just about the joy of unwrapping; they're about creating an unforgettable moment that lingers in her heart long after the box is opened.

Bubble Trouble: Our Beaded Gold Ring

A celebration of simplicity and style, our Bubble Ring is perfect for everyday comfort and fits cleverly on the finger of your choice. Handmade with attention to detail, this 14K beaded gold ring epitomizes sophistication in its purest form. It’s the ideal gift for someone who appreciates unusual designs with a touch of minimalist charm.

Lila: Amethyst Necklace with Diamonds and Matching Ring

The Lila Set by Orosergio is a collection of jewelry that is sure to make a statement. The set features a round-cut Amethyst pendant and Split Shank Amethyst Ring both adorned with a diamond halo, handcrafted in 14K gold. The majestic purple allure of the amethyst gemstone is sure to draw admiration and create a delicate ensemble.

The Amethyst Necklace is a stunning piece that is perfect for someone who exudes grace and poise. The necklace features a beautiful amethyst gemstone that is surrounded by diamonds, hanging from a delicate chain that is sure to complement any outfit.

Celestial Touch: Star Bangle Bracelet & Diamond Star Rings

Gaze up at the night sky and capture its ethereal beauty with Orosergio’s ‘Under The Stars’ themed jewellery. The Diamond Star Bangle Bracelet and Diamond Star Stacking Band are celestial wonders when matched - in addition to the satin-finished Cupido Dome Ring in 14K gold embodying the vast and mesmerizing nature of the cosmos.

If you’re looking for Christmas handmade gifts that are as exciting as witnessing a shooting star — do not look any further than the night sky for inspiration!

Esméralda Collection: Elements of Elegance

Orosergio’s Esméralda Collection is inspired by ancient jewellery-making techniques with a modern twist and presents boldly designed pieces in 14K yellow gold. The Emerald and Diamond Double Band Cuff Ring and Trio Ring are prime examples of such boldness and sophistication. 

The Double Band Cuff Ring is a unique piece that features a double band design with a beautiful emerald gemstone and twin round cut diamonds. The Trio Ring is another stunning piece that accentuates two emerald gemstones and a single diamond set in an enchanting open band.

To complete your look, this collection also offers a wonderful pair of bezel-set gold Emerald Studs to replace your classic diamond studs. The latter are a perfect match for the Emerald Solitaire Pendant Necklace, a combination that won’t go unnoticed.

Discover our Esméralda Collection, designed to craft an ensemble befitting a diva effortlessly styled with grace and glamour.


As we conclude this Christmas jewellery gift guide journey through Orosergio’s exquisite holiday offerings, remember that the perfect gift isn’t just about the sparkle - it’s about the story it carries. This Christmas, let your gift be a testament to love, elegance, and the joy of giving.

To discover Orosergio’s exquisite treasures and ensure this holiday season remains etched in your memories, delve into our latest handcrafted creations. Click here to explore. Wishing you joyous holidays and an abundance of cherished moments to create in the year ahead, 2024: here we come!

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